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April ’21 Release: New merge rules and UI enhancements

By April 21, 2021January 26th, 2022No Comments

We are constantly engaging with our customers to learn what is working for them and where they may find increased ease of use. For example, one challenge that customers have brought to our attention when merging records is the ability to retain values from merged (or deleted) records when there is no place to store it in the master (or surviving) record. Some good examples of these are phone numbers and emails. Many organizations want to retain all these when merging. We have implemented a solution we think you’re going to like. 

This solution is one of five enhancements we have added in April to your DataGroomr platform. 

1) New merge rule: Distribute values from merged records amongst multiple master record fields  

DataGroomr’s solution is a new function available in the Merge Rules called “Distribute Values.” It allows users to configure a DataGroomr merge to collect unique values from multiple records and spread them across multiple fields in the master record.  

In order to use the rule, drag-and-drop it from the Advanced Fields section into the Rule designer.  

To configure the rule, first specify how many fields will be available for distributing values.

Then attach the field name connector from  Advanced Fields section.

Finally, specify the field names that will be used to store the values.

Note: the order of the field names will be the order that they are populated.

Note: In the event multiple rules are included, they will be executed in the order shown on the screen.   

2) Display estimated number of records for bulk operations 

For mass merge, mass convert, and mass update operations, DataGroomr now displays the number of records within the selected match confidence. 

3) Auditr displays results for Import/Convert/Update operations 

In addition to a mass merge, detailed results of all other operations are displayed in Auditr. 

And the status column is now sortable for ease of review. 

4) Trimmr and Importr UI/UX enhancements 

A small gear icon was added to Importr and Trimmr to control if more than one group can be expanded at a time. 

While reviewing a group in Trimmr you can now skip to the next group. 

5) Intelligently handle Salesforce governance limits during mass merge 

Sometimes mass merge operations may hit Salesforce execution governance limits. There are various limits imposed by Salesforce including total number of SOQL transactions issued within a context, number of external HTTP requests, number of records retrieved, and much more. These limits are hard to assess and avoid ahead of time as they usually arise due to the advanced customizations applied to the organization or due to the third-party apps or plugins installed. 

DataGroomr’s mass merge code has been extended to intelligently adjust the speed of the mass merge to avoid hitting governance limits. 

What’s Coming in the Next Release? 

A full list of updates, improvements, and fixes is available here

Here’s what you can expect next in DataGroomr: 

  • AI-based identification of low-quality data
  • Email address verification 

Make sure to let us know which features you’d like to see next or vote on the Ideas Exchange portal. 

As always, we would like to remind you that we offer a free, 14-day trial of DataGroomr. Start the Free Trial by logging in with your Salesforce credentials. There is no setup required and you can get a handle on the duplicate management of your data right away.  

Happy DataGrooming, Trailblazers! 

Ben Novoselsky

Ben Novoselsky, DataGroomr Co-Founder, is a hands-on software architect involved in the design and implementation of distributed systems, with over 20 years of experience. He is the author of multiple publications about the design of the distributed databases. Ben holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from St.Petersburg State University.