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Get the power to verify emails, phone numbers, and mailing addresses

Increase delivery rates, decrease bounce rates, reduce manual entry time, and relieve your team of a whole load of stress from losing time and chasing accurate contact details.

DataGroomr Verify

Verify your contacts and ensure better business!

Add the App, here’s what you get...


    Your sales team knows they are dealing with the most updated, accurate data so they can convert on outreach.
    Your customers feel connected because you’re contacting the right person at the right place.
    With verification capability, you minimize human and instrument errors so that your data is as reliable as possible.
Verify Contacts Salesforce

Why choose DataGroomr Verify?

Enhance Organizational Operations

Improve operations across your organization. Save costs on returned shipments and failed deliveries and optimize onboarding, sales outreach, and checkout experiences.

Increase Conversions

The improved customer satisfaction and loyalty that results from connecting with the correct contacts means you convert on more outreach.  

Easy Data Verification

Native to Salesforce, DataGroomr Verify is a standalone app that eliminates the need to export and import to achieve data validation. At the press of a button, Verify identifies questionable information and provides suggestions to improve the reliability of that data.

Get Clean and Actionable Data… Immediately

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You’ll be able to execute verification on your contacts and keep your data clean with a variety of features. First, assess the quality of the data you have and then the cleanup begins … and continues! 

    Data verification of emails, phone numbers, and addresses. Verify empowers you to ensure that the data in your database and the data you gather is as accurate as possible. Minimize human and instrument errors, including those which arise during data processing.
    Real-time email verification for emails, phones and addresses with an easy-to-use Lightning component. On-demand refresh of verification status with a single click.
    Data verification is an ongoing process that should start after data migration and continue during data entry and analysis. As part of the process of cleaning existing data, verification will enable you to deliver the best experience for your customers.

Get an immediate view into the reliability of your data!


Your data is good! Verify will quickly assess your data and deliver an immediate view into the accuracy of your contact info. 


Verify works on a value scale of 0-100. When values are assessed as being below 50, DataGroomr Verify marks the data as Risky.


This data is unreliable! Verify will guide you to avoid sending to incorrect contacts, which will negatively impact your opens and conversions.  


DataGroomr Verify is a free app and comes with a monthly allotment of credits for spot verifications. For bulk verification and additional credit purchases users can easily replenish credits directly from the app!

  1. Log into Salesforce
  2. Automatically improve the quality of your data 
  3. Increase conversions  
Invest in Your Data
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You’re not buying an app, you’re investing in the reliability of your organization.

How does email verification work?

DataGroomr API employs multiple checks to verify email address validity.

– checks email for correct format
– uses machine learning to identify common misspellings
– identifies shared email addresses (like
– checks if email is a temp disposable address (like
– checks if email domain is valid
– checks SMTP server to make sure address is valid and accepts mail
– uses machine learning to discover alternative emails for invalid emails

How does phone verification work?

DataGroomr checks phone number against worldwide database of carriers and phone numbers to determine if phone number is valid and determines its type, i.e. mobile or fixed line, etc.

How does mailing address verification work?

DataGroomr integrates with official postal authority and aggregates data from multiple mapping and geospatial data sources for 250 countries and territories. We cross reference address data from sources such as Royal Mail, USPS, Canada Post to provide the most accurate global address data. Upon verification DataGroomr provides suggestions for misspelled, invalid or incomplete addresses.