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An Algorithm of Data Hygiene for Technology Providers



Focus on Strengths


The essence of tech companis to bring new technologies and approaches to solve problemsThe speed by which things are changing is astonishing, and it is challenging for the C-suite as well as employees to keep up with the pace. To meet this challenge, you need a smarter approach to improving your data quality.  

The machine learning deduplication approach offered by DataGroomr saves time and hassle by eliminating the need to create rules or filters and improving accuracy and ease in managing contacts. 


Duplicate data can wreak havoc in your Salesforce environment. Duplicates can drain your company’s resources, damage your reputation in the eyes of the customers, and decrease the quality of your decision-making. The sooner you start dealing with your duplicate issues, the better. Most experts use the 1-10-100 proportion to quantify the cost of duplicates. It takes $1 to check for duplicates, $10 to remove each duplicate, and $100 per duplicate if nothing is done about them. DataGroomr leverages machine learning to cleanse your data of duplicate records, leading to happier clients and less frustrated employees.   

While Salesforce itself does come with some limited deduplication functionalities, they are not nearly enough. You will only be able to dedupe standard objects; i.e., Leads, Contacts, and Accounts, but you will not be able to conduct cross-object deduplication. You will also only be able to merge three duplicates at a time.   

DataGroomr allows you to overcome all of these and other deduplication limitations by leveraging machine learning to cleanse your data of duplicate records. It’s also a much smarter way to dedupe your data because when you label records as duplicates (or not), the system will learn from your decisions and will fine-tune the deduping algorithms accordingly.   

DataGroomr is the only solution on the AppExchange that does not require you to set up complex rules. Simply connect it to your Salesforce and start deduping right away. You will also get an instant data quality assessment that will show you the current state of the health of your data.   

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Did you know that, on average, 30% of B2B data decays every year? Cleansing your data helps maintain data quality and enables accurate analytics that you can use to better leverage your strengths. Imagine being able to give your sales and marketing efforts a boost simply by keeping your data clean. 

In fact, According to ReachForce, “dirty” data reduces lead conversions at a cost of $83 per 100 records in the database. Also, it’s estimated that 2% of the information in a marketing leads database goes stale every month. Hence, dirty data impedes your company’s potential to reach significant returns on investment. 

Keeping your data clean will also allow you sales teams to act faster on the lead information they receive. The Harvard Business Review did a study in 2011 that showed that you have pretty much 1 hour from the time the lead submitted a contact request to get in touch with them and see if they are qualified. Now, almost ten years later, we see that this time is reduced to just 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes are up, your chances of converting the prospect to the next stage of the sales cycle are exponentially reduced.  

When you use DataGroomr to increase your data quality, you are helping your teams increase conversion rates since they will have access to actionable leads that they can prioritize, route properly and act on in a timely manner 


Most organizations have the desire to innovate with data and technology, but struggle to do so sustainably. Those that are successfully innovating are leading the competition  and indeed widening the leadership gap. DataGroomr can increase the health of your data which will help you implement data-driven innovation. This means that you will be empowered with analytics to know the technology and techniques that will allow the data to find the right answers and obtain deep industry knowledge by knowing the right questions to ask for your specific industry.  

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No need to set up complex rules or normalize data. DataGroomr’s algorithms for intelligent duplicate identification does all the work for you.


Conveniently merge duplicate records in standard and custom objects or even cross-object. Use the side-by-side display or merge en masse.


Ensure that your customer communications are getting where they need to go by verifying emails, phones and mailing addresses.


Want more control over duplicates and merges? Create your own merge and matching rules designed specifically for your data.


Salesforce users can see duplicate records directly in Lightning on any object page layout.


Leverage the import wizard to deduplicate, merge and append records while importing to Salesforce and export data from Salesforce.


Ensure that data quality and validity surpasses the competition. Standardize or normalize your data with our prebuilt transformation rules or create your own.


View your duplicates history in one intuitive, unified view. Configure easy-to-use modules to monitor insights most important to your organization.


Set it and forget it. Automate merges, reports and much more using the built in Scheduler.

Start using DataGroomr to obtain data-driven insights to get to know your consumers better and apply that knowledge to accelerate innovation and drive market impact.

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