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Financial Services Organizations: Focus on Trust through Clean Data to Build Business

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When you work for financial services organizations, you know that time is literally money. You require clean data to collaborate efficiently across deal teams and ensure that information is accurate and secure. In order to drive business, bankers, analysts, compliance managers, and insurance brokers need to share information with the right people at the right timeEffective deduplication of data is crucial to connect reliably with customers, partners, and stakeholders.

The solution is an app that seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce CRM and automates the tedious but necessary task of deduplicating data.


Before a business can communicate with customers and stakeholders, it needs to accurately verify the address data it has. Correct addresses increase a company’s efficiency as well as fortifying trust between company and customer. Ensuring that address data is accessible and correct is, therefore, of the utmost importance for all businesses. 

Third-party providers can facilitate address verification of data. At their core, the tools will cleanse and correct all erroneous address records. Besides streamlining address collection processes and adding increased security, address verification tools make address input more user-friendly for customers. By utilizing a quality address verification tool, businesses can trust the addresses they have on record, thereby ensuring that communications go to the correct recipient, invoices will be directed to the right address, and marketing outreach will be much more successful with reliable, location information.  

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By YE24, at least 40% of customer-facing staff will engage with external ecosystems directly to support client preferences and service their banking needs, according to Gartner in its white paper, Predicts 2021: Banking CIOs Must Digitally Enable Employees to Support Transformation. In other words, direct contact with customers will accelerate, thereby increasing the onus on businesses to ensure accurate data so that each of those touchpoints is valuable.  

Digital enablement offers an opportunity for financial service organizations to improve multi-channel customer journeys by ensuring that data-driven insights are relevant and accessible to all customer-facing employees. As Gartner described, people will continue to play an important part in delivering banking services and will need access to accurate data.  


The business outlook for the global banking industry is predicted to be positive in the coming years, according to Deloitte. Elevating the customer experience to minimize flight risk and expand the business will be of utmost importance, and part of that process will involve the maintenance of clean data. As reported in the survey, “digital interactions, while easy and convenient, fail to forge emotional connections. 

Younger generations, who typically use digital channels the most, tend to have less brand loyalty. Deloitte’s consumer survey also revealed that millennial and Generation Z respondents were much more likely to switch their primary bank compared to older consumers. Customer retention and satisfaction mandates that financial institutions are reaching the right people at the right time. Contact data that is personalized to recipients of the communications could be the difference between stagnant growth and building a community of customers that remain engaged in long and prosperous business relationships.  

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No need to set up complex rules or normalize data. DataGroomr’s algorithms for intelligent duplicate identification does all the work for you.


Conveniently merge duplicate records in standard and custom objects or even cross-object. Use the side-by-side display or merge en masse.


Ensure that your customer communications are getting where they need to go by verifying emails, phones and mailing addresses.


Want more control over duplicates and merges? Create your own merge and matching rules designed specifically for your data.


Salesforce users can see duplicate records directly in Lightning on any object page layout.


Leverage the import wizard to deduplicate, merge and append records while importing to Salesforce and export data from Salesforce.


Ensure that data quality and validity surpasses the competition. Standardize or normalize your data with our prebuilt transformation rules or create your own.


View your duplicates history in one intuitive, unified view. Configure easy-to-use modules to monitor insights most important to your organization.


Set it and forget it. Automate merges, reports and much more using the built in Scheduler.

Financial organizations require clean data to collaborate efficiently across deal teams and ensure that information is accurate and secure.

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