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Healthcare Organizations: Improve the Patient Journey with Healthy Data

Salesforce deduplication in Healthcare

Connect Your Teams

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As a Salesforce user, you know that healthcare organizations are able to connect with their patients and partners through its agile, intelligent, and scalable platform … but none of that matters if you don’t maintain clean data. The Salesforce deduplication function is only able to merge three records at a time. When you’re dealing with thousands of leads, contacts, and accounts, this limitation slows down outreach for hospitals, healthcare providers, and life sciences companies.

The solution is a deduplication app that seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce CRM.


Healthcare organizations are often hampered by a siloed approach to data management. Clean data is crucial for driving better outcomes for patients and all recipients of the industry solutions that healthcare and life sciences companies deliver 

For example, according to a study by HIMSS Analytics, 75% of hospitals are dealing with more than 10 different vendors. This expansive issue of data managements is especially evident with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems where the average hospital has more than 16 systems. Interoperability is necessary for hospitals and the vendors they deal with to allow data to flow more effectively. 

Connecting teams with reliable data is immediate with DataGroomr: 

  • DataGroomr uses machine learning to identify duplicates in any way they appear and will “remember” to identify such duplicates without being programmed to do so. 
  • DataGroomr scans files for duplicates before they are uploaded into Salesforce. Other products often condemn you to the duplicate horror of new dupes added on top of existing duplicates.  
  • DataGroomr presents an easy setup process so you can log in and get started right away. A side-by-side comparison of records lets you append the fields for the master record or use inline editing to define new values as you deduplicate. 
  • The algorithm used to identify duplicates is customizable so you can adjust it to your individual workflows. 
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When organizations can reach their constituents through accurate data, they are building a foundation for trust. And eighty-one percent of consumers say that a company’s trustworthiness matters more than it did a year ago (2021 Edelman Trust Barometer). 

Personalizing outreach and providing tailored and timely communications rely on data that is precise and free of duplicates. Creating an ecosystem that is trustworthy matters for internal stakeholders as well as the patients and partners that engage with healthcare and life sciences organizations.

Here’s why trust matters. According to Salesforce’s Second Edition of Connected Health Consumer: 

  • Consumers who do not trust health organizations are four times less likely to share non-medical information than those who completely trust health organizations – regardless of the incentive. 
  • Consumers who trust health organizations are over six times more likely than consumers who don’t trust health organizations to receive timely communications 


Consumers value timely and accurate communications that are personalized to them. For example, over half of consumers find insurance communications to be redundant. This is a symptom of inaccurate data. Consumers who trust healthcare companies report receiving more personalized resources and communications than those who don’t trust healthcare companies, according to Salesforce’s Connected Health Consumer. 

Digital technology enables connected experiences like never before. Ensuring data reliability and security enables life science and pharmaceutical companies to create, organize, and distribute relevant communications to the right recipients at the right time. Accuracy in data also supports the sales and marketing teams to deliver impactful messaging and educational information.  

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Data cleansing that's fast,
easy, accurate, and reliable


No need to set up complex rules or normalize data. DataGroomr’s algorithms for intelligent duplicate identification does all the work for you.


Conveniently merge duplicate records in standard and custom objects or even cross-object. Use the side-by-side display or merge en masse.


Ensure that your customer communications are getting where they need to go by verifying emails, phones and mailing addresses.


Want more control over duplicates and merges? Create your own merge and matching rules designed specifically for your data.


Salesforce users can see duplicate records directly in Lightning on any object page layout.


Leverage the import wizard to deduplicate, merge and append records while importing to Salesforce and export data from Salesforce.


Ensure that data quality and validity surpasses the competition. Standardize or normalize your data with our prebuilt transformation rules or create your own.


View your duplicates history in one intuitive, unified view. Configure easy-to-use modules to monitor insights most important to your organization.


Set it and forget it. Automate merges, reports and much more using the built in Scheduler.

Maintaining the data integrity of your Salesforce records empowers healthcare organizations to rapidly respond to patients, employees, and communities, establish a reputation of trustworthiness, and grow business.

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