DataGroomr Pricing

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$ 995

  • Up to 100,000 records   Records = Leads + Contacts + Accounts
  • 1 User

 PRO Add-on $300

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$ 1,795

  • Up to 250,000 records   Records = Leads + Contacts + Accounts
  • 2 Users

 PRO Add-on $400

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$ 2,495

  • Up to 500,000 records   Records = Leads + Contacts + Accounts
  • 3 Users

 PRO Add-on $500

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$ 3,995

  • Up to 1,000,000 records   Records = Leads + Contacts + Accounts
  • 5 Users

 PRO Add-on

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Clean and Dedupe Salesforce Data



AI/Machine Learning duplicate analysis

Machine Learning used to detect duplicates (rather than user created matching rules)

Standard objects

Analyze and merge Leads, Contacts and Accounts

Basic merge rules

Create rules for master (surviving) record selection

Data filters

Filter data used for duplicate analysis

Side-by-side duplicate review

Compare detected duplicates, select master record, copy data from field to field and in-line edit

Manual and mass merge

Merge or un-match detected duplicates individually or in bulk

Customizable matching models

User created machine learning models to detect duplicates

Custom objects

Analyze and merge duplicates in any Salesforce custom objects (other than Leads/Contacts/Account which are included in Standard)

Cross-object deduplication

Identify and merge duplicates across any Salesforce objects (e.g., Leads to Contacts, Leads to Accounts, etc.)

Advanced merge rules

Create custom rules for selecting master (surviving) record and field value rules to determine which data will be saved in the master record

Manual and mass convert

Convert duplicates groups manually or in bulk

Reporting and Automation



Visual dashboard

Visual graphs displaying current and historical data quality and usage

Audit logs

Detailed audit trail of all actions performed


Export duplicates (and non-duplicates) to a CSV file

Daily automated/scheduled jobs

Schedule (daily) mass merge, analysis or other jobs to run automatically

Hourly automated/scheduled jobs

Schedule (hourly) mass merge/convert, analysis or other jobs to run automatically

Sync to Salesforce

Duplicates identified by DataGroomr can be synced to Salesforce for merging there

Clean and Dedupe CSV Imports



AI/Machine Learning duplicate analysis

Machine Learning used to detect duplicates in CSV imports

Mass Import records

Mass import CSV records into Salesforce

Update data from CSV

Update existing Salesforce records with data from CSV duplicates

Assign to campaigns

Assign imported records to Salesforce campaigns

Import into custom object

Import cleansed records into objects other than leads, contacts and accounts




Secure OAuth authentication to Salesforce

SAS-70 type II compliant

TLS 1.2+ in transit encryption

AES-256 At-rest encryption

GDPR compliant




Email and phone support

Documentation and video library

Personal onboarding

Receive assistance with deduplication approaches, merge and matching rule development

Less than 10,000 records?

For organizations with less than 10,000 records, we offer a Micro subscription for 1 user. It includes email support and is priced at $99/yr.

More than 1,000,000 records?

No problem! Contact us and one of our friendly team will put together pricing based on your requirements. Call us on 215-253-5600 or email


We offer discounted pricing for non-profits. Call us on 215-253-5600 or email

Terms & Conditions

The pricing outlined above is based on a yearly subscription. For full licensing terms and conditions, please see our Master Subscription Agreement.

Free 14-Day Trial

No Setup or Customization Required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is number of records calculated?

Number of records is the total across Leads, Contacts and Accounts.

Can I try DataGroomr before I buy?

Yes, you can register for a free trial directly from the Salesforce App Exchange.

Is the free trial limited?

The free trial provides access to all of DataGroomr’s functionality. The only limit is that you can only merge up to 25 records.

Is there a setup fee?

No, DataGroomr doesn’t require any setup (installs, Salesforce customization etc.,)

Can I test DataGroomr in my sandbox?

Yes, you can choose to connect DataGroomr to your production or sandbox environment.

Is support included with subscriptions?

Yes. All paid subscriptions include access to in-app chat support, telephone and email support. We also provide users with access to our knowledge base, which is jam-packed with useful resources.

Can I subscribe on a monthly basis?

If you’re looking for a monthly subscription please contact us using the contact form or email us at

Which payment methods are accepted?

All major credit cards and bank wire payments are accepted by DataGroomr.

What happens when new features are added to DataGroomr?

All users will automatically receive access to new feature releases.

Does DataGroomr comply with GDPR?

Yes, DataGroomr does not store or export your data ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements.

We do maintain a list of Salesforce record ids for matched duplicates (but no actual data).  These record ids have no significance outside your Salesforce org and we will remove this information upon request.