DataGroomr uses Machine Learning to quickly find duplicates in Salesforce.

Machine learning has a big advantage in that it does not require rules or filters. You won’t have any setup or maintenance process when you choose DataGroomr. Simply connect to Salesforce and start deduping right away. When you label records as duplicates, the system will automatically learn and improve the algorithm so that future duplicate detection is more accurate.

datagroomr features

Free 14-Day Trial

No Setup or Customization Required.

Identify and eliminate duplicates without ever setting a filter

No other deduplication app for Salesforce uses machine learning! Imagine that.

But that’s just the beginning. Trimmr shows your duplicates side by side, so you can merge the way you want to.  Select the master record, copy values or edit inline.   

All that plus Trimmr continuously improves by  learning from your actions. Each time you merge duplicates, Trimmr is becoming an expert dedicated just to you and your data.

Identify and eliminate duplicates
rule editing

Easily merge multiple records and control how that merge is performed

In lightning time, DataGroomr will merge all of your duplicate records. Need more control…no problem. You can create your own rules for merging. Use the handy drag-and-drop rules editor to define Master Record Selection or Field Value rules. Learn more in our Merge section about how we make the process painless.

Use Matching Rules to customize DataGroomr’s unique machine learning for your organization

Want to create your own machine learning models?  No problem…DataGroomr lets you create and edit custom matching rules that include only the fields determined by you and trained exclusively on your data. Check it out!

training model
salesforce import

Get an immediate barrier to any duplicates in your import files

Need to import data into Salesforce? The Importr module prevents duplicates from being created in Salesforce from imports.

Out with the bad data and in with the good. All unique records can then be imported, while duplicates can be disregarded or used to update existing records in Salesforce.

Compare duplicates side-by-side to quickly eliminate bad data

Salesforce can only show three duplicate records at a time.  With DataGroomr you can compare as many as you find in a simple side-by-side compare.

You can also mass merge on-demand or by scheduling a job.

duplicate records
deduplication dashboard

Manage the data that matters with an intuitive and attractive dashboard

Display information about data hygiene in simple charts consolidated in a customizable dashboard. DataGroomr displays your duplicate summary and history widgets, which can be resized, moved and configured to display different time frames and different datasets.

DataGroomr gives you the freedom to view the data you need when you need it.