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So you can duplicates from degrading your database!

When you rely on Salesforce duplicate management alone, duplicates get through. DataGroomr’s proprietary algorithms detect, eliminate, and prevent duplicate records from getting into your database – right from the source. And, best of all, you’re not limited to three records at a time, like you are with Salesforce deduplication. See for yourself!

duplicates in database

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No Setup or Customization Required.

Identify and eliminate duplicates without ever setting a filter

No other deduplication app for Salesforce uses machine learning! Imagine that.

But that’s just the beginning. Trimmr shows your duplicates side by side, so you can merge the way you want to.  Select the master record, copy values or edit inline.   

All that plus Trimmr continuously improves by  learning from your actions. Each time you merge duplicates, Trimmr is becoming an expert dedicated just to you and your data.

Identify and eliminate duplicates
rule editing

Merge multiple records and automate how that merge is performed

In lightning time, DataGroomr will merge all of your duplicate records. Need more control…no problem. You can create your own rules for merging. Use the handy drag-and-drop rules editor to define Master Record Selection or Field Value rules. Learn more in our Merge section about how we make the process painless.

See duplicates when you’re in Salesforce with our Lightning Component

Speaking of “lightning time,” our innovative DataGroomr Lightning Component, lets you view potential duplicates from all Trimmr datasets directly in Salesforce! The component can be added to any record page layout.

lightning component
undo merged records

Undo merged or deleted records quickly and securely

Merged records accidentally? No problem! Use the Undo button to restore these records immediately or at a later time from the Auditr module. Any related records will be automatically reconnected to the restored records.

Access our verification capability for more accurate customer insights

Verification empowers companies to confirm and potentially correct email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses. The mail address verification functionality will cleanse, standardize, and enhance data to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information. DataGroomr can also send verification metadata to Salesforce so that users there have the same data.

data verification
transformation rules

Use transformation rules to standardize and normalize your data

Many organizations struggle with poorly formatted or misplaced data. Use our out-of-the-box Transform rules (or create your own) to fix these problems. Apply the rules in Brushr to transform existing Salesforce data or Importr to prevent them during imports.

Eliminate invalid records

Over time, Salesforce can easily fill up with outdated or junk data that reduces the efficiency of your users. Brushr allows you to identify and remove this data in bulk, quickly and easily.

mass delete
salesforce import

Stop duplicates from coming in with your import files

Need to import data into Salesforce? The Importr module prevents duplicates from being created in Salesforce from imports.

Out with the bad data and in with the good. All unique records can then be imported, while duplicates can be disregarded or used to update existing records in Salesforce.

Enrich existing Salesforce records using CSV files

When Importr identifies duplicate records in your import there is no need to discard them. You can enrich your existing Salesforce data from the duplicates by using a side-by-side compare or in bulk with our out-out-box rules or your own.

mass import
import and enrich

Import and enrich data using any object available in Salesforce

You can move data from any one Salesforce object to any other.  Map the fields and Importr will identify duplicates and unique records.  You can then move entire records or copy data values between duplicates. 

Manage the data that matters with an intuitive and attractive dashboard

Display information about data hygiene in simple charts consolidated in a customizable dashboard. DataGroomr displays your duplicate summary and history widgets, which can be resized, moved and configured to display different time frames and different datasets.

DataGroomr gives you the freedom to view the data you need when you need it.

deduplication dashboard
mass convert

Mass Merge, Convert, Import and much more

When working with large amounts of data, manually merging duplicates can only go so far. DataGroomr provides users intuitive options to execute common operations in bulk. This starts with merging but extends to all types, including imports, updates and verifications   

Schedule and run common operations autonomously

Users can automate common operations using the Schedulr module. Select an operation like Mass Merge, specify when and how often it should run, and DataGroomr will do all the work for you.


Try it Free for 14 Days

Keep Manage the Data that Matters…

When you maintain data your team can trust, your team can make the right connections.

DataGroomr’s machine learning approach empowers your system to constantly improve duplicate detection so that your data is clean and accurate. With our proprietary machine learning, deduplication detection keeps getting smarter and faster. 

No rules or filters needed! Simply connect to Salesforce and start deduping right away. 

duplicates removed