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The Role of Machine Learning in Deduplication

By September 1, 2021No Comments

DataGroomr uses machine learning to dedupe Salesforce environments. As a result, our app is unique in the Salesforce ecosystem in that it does not require setting filters or imposing a rule-based approach to identifying duplicates in Salesforce. The machine learning algorithms that we have created across our tools manage the ongoing identification and removal of duplicates for you. And we are constantly working on improving our algorithms.

Machine learning is a hot-button topic and one that is increasingly benefitting the bottom line in business. There are many companies, across different industries, who have harnessed the power of machine learning to dedupe their websites, platforms, and repositories. This is why we were thrilled to contribute intel to this series that showcases how some of the most well-known companies are using machine learning for deduplication.

In Part I of this in-depth article in DZone, we looked at platforms like Quora, Reddit, GitHub, which are already deduping with machine learning, and also Salesforce, which relies on rule-creation but could greatly benefit from machine learning-based deduplication.

But we weren’t just satisfied with looking at familiar platforms. We expanded the list of companies in Part II of the series where we look at how Google identifies duplicate content on websites, how Wikipedia dedupes similar or identical entries, and how we can dedupe medical records, which cost the US healthcare system more than $6 billion annually. And we naturally turned to Salesforce, the best CRM out there right now.

How is machine learning improving Salesforce? Well, the AppExchange offers an opportunity to tap into a resource that enables users to enhance and customize the functionality and usability of the SFDC platform. By increasingly applying machine learning, apps on the AppExchange streamline not just deduplication but also signing documents, streamlining permission management, and improving the overall health of data. DataGroomr is that app.

Read more about machine learning in my latest article on DZone and then circle back to DataGroomr to discover how you can apply it to deduplicate your records.

Il'ya Dudkin

Ilya Dudkin is a Business Development Manager at Softwarium. He is a frequent contributor to popular Salesforce outlets such as SalesforceBen, Force Talks, SFDC Panther and many others as well.