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Summer ’22 Updates: External Data Sources and Improved Lightning Component

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Our recent innovations have been primarily dedicated to enhancements of our existing features and our new Lightning component, but we managed to include a new feature, as well. DataGroomr now provides support for Salesforce External Objects. Read on to discover the highlights and as always, you can find a detailed list of all our updates and fixes on the DataGroomr Support Portal.   

Keep in mind that many of the updates we make were driven by requests submitted to the Ideas Exchange portal. So, keep them coming. 

Salesforce External Objects

For those not familiar with External Objects, let’s start with an introduction.  External objects are like custom objects, except that they map to data that’s stored outside your Salesforce org. In a nutshell, these objects enable your users and the Lightning Platform to search and interact with the external data. For example, customers who have two orgs can connect an object from one org to another and work with it in DataGroomr. You can learn more about creating external data sources here

Once connected in your org, external objects can be added as custom objects in Supervisr (in Matching Models).  You can then use all the DataGroomr features including deduplication, import and data management with these objects. 

Lightning Component

Last month, we released DataGroomr’s Salesforce Component that displays duplicates in the native Salesforce UI. Based on your feedback, we have added an important enhancement.  

You can now configure and view any field for duplicate records. 

The directions for installing and configuring DataGroomr’s Salesforce Component can be found here

Trimmr Enhancements

Mass Convert All Leads 

Some of our customers have requested the ability to mass convert leads even if no matches are found.  You can do that easily now by reducing the minimum Duplicate Confidence in the Mass Convert window to 0. 

Additional info displayed for datasets 

You can now see extended information for Trimmr datasets. Duplicates now including master records and the total number of matched groups is shown below. 

In addition, when editing dataset configuration, selected rule name and description are displayed next to the rule dropdown. 

Brushr Enhancements

The cost of address verification has been cut more than 50% for US addresses; it costs just 5 credits to verify and 10 credits for international addresses. 

You can learn more about address verification in this blog by our co-founder Steve Pogrebivsky: Why Address Verification in Your Salesforce Data is Important to Your Business 

Importr Enhancements

Update of the matched records has been streamlined in Importr. 

Find Duplicates by ID 

A matching model that identifies dupes based on the Salesforce Record ID has been made available for all objects.  This means that you can export records from DataGroomr, edit them in a spreadsheet and push all updates to Salesforce in one simple step.  lmportr will automatically select the Match By ID model if the Record ID field is mapped (users can always change the model). 

Specify Field Value Update Rule  

The field value update rule is now configurable in both the Import wizard and dataset configuration.  For repeatable imports, all mappings, verifications, transformations and update rules can be set up once for a dataset and reused for any new CSV files . 

Upload without Required Fields 

Previously, Importr enforced required fields when loading CSV files.  A warning message will be displayed, but you can now omit required fields.  Note: Due to Salesforce restrictions, you will still not be able to import these records, but all other DataGroomr functions will be available. 

Schedulr Enhancements

Jobs Email Reports 

Schedulr jobs including mass merge, mass convert, mass delete, mass transform can now email a report after they are executed. 

Dashboard Enhancements

Navigate to Datasets 

In order to help with organization and reporting, you can now navigate to datasets from summary widgets in the main dashboard. 

We’ve also optimized dashboard performance and have sped up loading for a very large number of datasets. 

What’s coming in the next release? 

We are working on some API enhancements targeted for the Importr module. The goal is to give users an ability to automate and integrate duplicate detection and imports with external systems. We are also working on some other enhancements. Keep an eye out for these release notes to learn more. 

We appreciate your feedback. If there are other features that are important to you, we invite you to submit them to the Ideas Exchange portal or vote on existing features already there. 

As always, we would like to remind you that we offer a free, 14-day trial of DataGroomr. Please feel free to forward this article to your Trailblazer colleagues. They can start the Free Trial by logging in with their Salesforce credentials. There is no setup required and, as you know, you can get a handle on the duplicate management of your data right away! 

Happy DataGrooming, Trailblazers! 

Ben Novoselsky

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