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December ’21 Updates: Dataset Level Permissions, Export Verifications to Salesforce and more

By December 29, 2021February 11th, 2022No Comments

As we are finishing up 2021, we are excited to bring you our latest updates, features, and more to provide you with the tools you need to take your Salesforce data to the next level. Read on to discover what’s happening at DataGroomr.

Over the last two months all improvements that we’ve added to DataGroomr were driven by requests submitted to the Ideas Exchange portal. Below are the highlights of these updates; a list of all updates and fixes can be found here and here.

Security Roles Extensions

Few updates are related to security and are tailored primarily for larger enterprises with multiple users.

Dataset level permissions

Roles manager has been extended to allow more granularity for permissions. It is now possible to restrict or grant access to specific datasets, for example, we can create a role to restrict access to all Trimmr and Brushr datasets except US Leads and US Contacts.

Manage Role

Multiple account admins and self-management

Now organizations may have more than one account admin and this is manageable in Users section.

Add User - Account admin option

Enabling the Account admin option will give user access to manage subscription, users, roles, sandboxes and credits.

A new role can be added right from the Add User dialog.

Add new role from add user dialog

Export verification results to Salesforce

In addition to exporting email, phone and mailing address verification results as a CSV file, it is now possible to export directly to Salesforce. In the dataset extended menu, press Export and select Export to Salesforce in the Export records dialog. On the next step, select which fields should be included in export, the system will offer an option to create new fields automatically.

Exporting verification results to Salesforce

Press Next and then press Confirm to begin the export. Results of the export will be available in Auditr.

Schedule data quality analysis

Similar to duplicates analysis, Schedulr module allows to create a job to periodically analyse Brushr datasets.

Schedule data quality analysis

Other updates

In Brushr,

  • Verification and transformation confirmation dialogs now allow to select which rules should be executed,
  • A new transform rule can now be created directly from the dataset configuration dialog,
  • Mass verification has been reengineered from the ground up for significant performance improvements.

In Supervisr,

  • Reference fields can be selected IDs for machine learning model training.

In Trimmr,

  • Added ability to search fields in the cross-object datasets fields mapping,
  • Allow to sync to Salesforce cross-compare dataset of the same object.

In Importr,

  • Added Next button on the review dialog to advance to the next group.

What’s coming in the next release?

Here’s what you can expect next in DataGroomr:

  • Real time verification results sync,
  • Apply suggestions for valid emails and addresses en mass,
  • Editing record groups in Brushr.

We appreciate your feedback and if there are other features that are important to you, we invite you to submit them to the Ideas Exchange portal or vote on existing features already there.

As always, we would like to remind you that we offer a free, 14-day trial of DataGroomr. Please feel free to forward this article to your Trailblazer colleagues. They can start the Free Trial by logging in with their Salesforce credentials. There is no setup required and, as you know, you can get a handle on the duplicate management of your data right away! Happy DataGrooming, Trailblazers!

Ben Novoselsky

Ben Novoselsky, DataGroomr Co-Founder, is a hands-on software architect involved in the design and implementation of distributed systems, with over 20 years of experience. He is the author of multiple publications about the design of the distributed databases. Ben holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from St.Petersburg State University.