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DataGroomr vs. Cloudingo

Duplicates come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution that can comprehensively identify all your duplicates right out of the box, but there are powerful options that can be tailored to your needs. With the launch of DataGroomr, which uses machine learning to catch duplicates, there is finally a tool that provides a comprehensive, holistic approach. Since there are several deduping products available in the AppExchange, let’s take a look how DataGroomr compares with Cloudingo, a market leader for Salesforce deduping.

datagroomr vs cloudingo

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No Setup or Customization Required.


Usability is one of the main factors companies need to take into account before investing in any product. Both products are available on AppExchange, where demos and free trials are available for DataGroomr and Cloudingo. If you are experiencing any issues, both DataGroomr and Cloudingo support can assist you by phone, e-mail, or teleconference. Complexity was noted as an issue on Cloudingo reviews, while DataGroomr is reviewed as easy to use and does not require setup.

  DataGroomr Cloudingo
No setup required
Unified Duplicate Dashboard
Modern/Intuitive Interface
Phone/email support available

Cleaning Functionality

When working with raw data, a thorough data cleansing is always necessary due to the volume of duplicates. Cloudingo competitors offer functionality for detecting duplicates, but DataGroomr dives deeper into duplicates and provides a more thorough cleaning. You can find a Cloudingo tutorial on their website that explains their functionality.

  DataGroomr Cloudingo
AI-driven duplicate detection
Flag false positives
In-line editing
Merge as you go
Task scheduling

Cloudingo & DataGroomr Pricing

The cost of a product is important, but it’s not the only consideration. Understand what you are getting for the price you pay and how the prices are calculated. Cloudingo pricing does not include an additional $100 fee that applies for every 100,000 records above 300,000. DataGroomr is not only less expensive but offers features that assist your ROI.

  DataGroomr Cloudingo
Starting Price $995/yr $2,146/yr
Best value for multi-user organizations
Full-featured in all editions
Record count fee
Free trial 14 days 10 days

What Makes DataGroomr Superior to Cloudingo?

DataGroomr provides a modern, fast and intuitive interface.

Saves time since there is no setup or configuration required.

Automatically improves duplicate detection through machine learning.

Clearly displays actionable duplicate information in a single dashboard.

No need to standardize or normalize data in order to detect duplicates.

Permits automated duplication reports and mass merge tasks as often as necessary.

Import wizard deduplicates, merges, and appends records while importing to Salesforce.


  • An innovative solution that uses machine learning to detect all types of duplicates in Salesforce without the need for a complex setup and configuration.
  • Based on user actions, DataGroomr learns and automatically improves the detection of duplicates.
  • DataGroomr does not require address standardization to detect duplicates.
  • DataGroomr provides a modern, fast, and intuitive interface.
  • You can merge duplicate records as-you-go or merge en masse, all directly from within the app.
  • Dedupe import files before data reaches Salesforce.
  • DataGroomr provides a detailed audit trail for all changes.


  • Cloudingo is a useful tool for cleansing existing data. It requires users to set-up filters that detect duplicates. New filters or manual adjustments to existing ones are required as duplicate patterns are identified.
  • Cloudingo provides an ability to standardize data and this is important to detect duplicates.
  • Cloudingo provides a side-by-side comparison of duplicate groups identified by filters.
  • Dedupe import files before data reaches Salesforce
  • Provides audit trail for all changes