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April ’22 Release Notes: User Interface Improvements, Custom Merge and more

By May 11, 2022May 13th, 2022No Comments

We want deduplication in Salesforce to be simple for every single one of our customers. To that end, we focused many of our improvements in April on enhancing the UI and providing more flexibility to users in what they see and how they use the dashboard. Read on to discover the highlights and, as always, you can find a detailed list of all our updates and fixes on the DataGroomr Support Portal.   

Keep in mind that many of the updates we make are driven by requests submitted to the Ideas Exchange portal. So, keep them coming! 

Trimmr Enhancements

Since the inception of DataGroomr, our main goal was to make Salesforce deduplication simple.  That goes for both detecting duplicates with Machine Learning and empowering users to merge duplicates.   

One of the most appreciated features by customers is a preview of records in matched groups.  

One shortcoming with the preview had been that data would often get squished together to fit on a single screen. But no more! The new preview (as shown above) displays the maximum number of fields that fit and adds navigation arrows on the sides to view other additional data. 

Bulk Select Dataset Display Fields

Users have the option to select all the fields when creating or modifying a Dataset. 

Added UNDO Option for Unmatch

For our Enterprise subscription users, we’ve added some peace of mind. You can now use the UNDO feature if you accidentally press the Unmatch button. Previously, UNDO was only available to reverse merges.  

Importr Enhancements

We continue to add many enhancements to the Importr module. The latest gives users an ability to modify how CSV columns are mapped to Salesforce fields at any time. 

To access this option, select Edit Dataset from the Settings button.

Other Enhancements

We have a few interesting improvements that span multiple modules. 

Auto-correct Country, State, or Province Spelling during Transform

For those who have implemented and used Transform rules in Importr or Brushr, the built-in Country/State rules just got better. The rule now detects many types of spelling mistakes and corrects them during the transform. 

Merge Rules Preview Can Fetch Actual Salesforce Data

If you have ever created Merge Rules to automate merges, you probably have made use of the Preview section that lets you see how your rule works with dummy date. In this release, we take it a step further and let you load your actual data from Salesforce to see if the rule does what you want. There are 3 options to do that: 

  1. You can have the application randomly load records from Salesforce using the double arrow icon on the left side.

  1. Or you can randomly load individual records from Salesforce using the double arrow icon inside each row.
  1. Finally, if you know which records you wish to preview, you can simply search for them using any field value, including the record id.

“Verification Date” Included for Export to Salesforce

When executing verifications, users have the option to send expanded verification metadata to Salesforce. This month’s release includes a new attribute, Verification Date.  This allows Salesforce users to see exactly when the verification occurred.  

API: Using a Custom Merge

Enterprise edition users can now override standard Salesforce Merges with a user-defined action via DataGroomr API. To learn more, please visit these two articles in our documentation: 

Add Endpoint : DataGroomr Support 

Overriding standard Merge method using Apex : DataGroomr Support 

What’s Coming in the Next Release?

One of the more requested features by customers is an ability to provide some of the DataGroomr functionality directly in Salesforce. We are working on that and should have some exciting news in the next few months. 

We appreciate your feedback! If there are other features that are important to you, we invite you to submit them to the Ideas Exchange portal or vote on existing features already there. 

As always, we would like to remind you that we offer a free, 14-day trial of DataGroomr. Please feel free to forward this article to your Trailblazer colleagues. They can start the Free Trial by logging in with their Salesforce credentials. There is no setup required and, as you know, you can get a handle on the duplicate management of your data right away! 

Happy DataGrooming, Trailblazers! 

Ben Novoselsky

Ben Novoselsky, DataGroomr Co-Founder, is a hands-on software architect involved in the design and implementation of distributed systems, with over 20 years of experience. He is the author of multiple publications about the design of the distributed databases. Ben holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from St.Petersburg State University.